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"Wisdom is not to be sold, it must be shared"

"Dakshina is an offering given with love and devotion"

Sat Guru Hanuman Das

Kalaripayattu Videos

Kalari videosClick to view kalaripayattu videos shot by Discovery Channel, German TV etc..


Photos of Kalaripayattu and treatmentExperience the vibrant world of Kalaripayattu with our collection of photographs.

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latest news at AshramKeep up to date with the latest news from the Indian School of Martial Arts and Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram.

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Dharmikam forumA place to discuss Kalaripayattu in all its forms; Martial Art, Healing System, and Spiritual Path

Kalari / Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu demonstrationKalaripayattu is the oldest existing martial art form indigenous to the Southern Indian state of Kerala...

Press Coverage

Press releases of DharmikamClick to view the press clippings of kalari Dharmikam and Guru Balachandran Nair.


Kalari treatmentKalarichikilsa, the body of knowledge with which Gurukals treat and heal combat injuries by manipulating vital points in the body made up of the Pancha Bhootas ......


Kalari trainingKalaripayattu training includes graded training schedules demanding dedication, descipline and devotion. It is stratified into five different levels....

Guru Balachandran Nair

Guru Balachandran NairGuru Balachandran Nair is one the few surviving great masters of Kalripayattu who has served as a warrior in the truest sense...


Testimonials"There are some things and experiences cannot be described in words and this experience is one of them. I am fortunate to meet Mr. Nair [Guru Balachandran Nair]....."


Lineage Guru Balachandran Nair hails from a traditional Nair family of the erstwhile state of Travancore. His ancestors had served the king and the kingdom.....

The Ashram - Dharmikam

AshramLocated in idyllic and serene surroundings so typical of verdant Kerala, Dharmikam is a center of Kalaripayattu and Kalarichikilsa ....